Artistic Director: Curtis Tucker
Northeast Florida's Premiere Opera Company
The Board of Directors

President Michele Bova
Vice President Nancy Perry
Secretary Carl Liberatore
Treasurer Lynn Rich

Rosie Casado
Joe Colsant
Kerry Fradley

Patricia Nolton

Pamela Tsitos
Andreea Vineyard
Phebe Wehr

Mission Statement

It is the mission of First Coast Opera to be the premiere Opera company in Northeast Florida, known for its balance of unwavering commitment to artistic excellence, while developing local and regional talent.

Our Goals

  1. Present staged theatrical productions in the genres of Opera and Operetta. In addition to formal staging, creative performance settings and styles such as cabaret and revue type shows are encouraged.

  2. Expand audience through creative marketing, including varied season productions.

  3. Strive to produce one fully staged Opera/Operetta per season.

  4. Develop a solid base of financial support from a wide range of sources and always be financially responsible.

  5. Provide a stage to showcase and develop the finest local and regional talent available.

  6. Hire professional talent for directorships, lead roles, and pit musicians, to support productions and to serve as role models as well as attract patrons.

  7. Partner with fellow arts organizations to create synergies that will build and strengthen the arts in our community and add to our support base.

  8. Bring Opera and classical singing to the youth in our area through master classes, creative school programs, and, where feasible, performance opportunities in FCO Productions.

  9. In everything we do, reflect our Core Values: Respect for the Individual; Honesty; Professionalism; and Honoring the Composer's Music.