August 5, 2021 — Celebrate Opera with all its beauty, emotion, passion. 

First Coast Opera (FCO) announces its 2021-2022 Season, and invites you to celebrate with us.  This Fall we will woo you with dinner and song at An Operatic Feast, October 8th (Jacksonville Beach) and October 9th (St. Augustine). The evening will include a sit-down meal and selection of great operatic selections performed live for you.

First Coast Opera North Florida

Then on New Year’s Eve prepare to have your heart stolen at a very special production of Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata at Lewis Auditorium in St. Augustine.  Get swept away in this tragic tale of love and sacrifice, being performed Friday night and again Sunday afternoon. 

Nourish Your Senses

In a time of sometimes shallow transactions, we all search for a rich experience.  Opera offers an immersive experience encompassing music, acting, dancing, costumes, sets, and lighting. The tales they tell may be tragic or humorous, but they are timeless stories that will move you.  The romance of Violetta and Alfredo in La Traviata is based on a book by the author Alexander Dumas, and has been told again and again.  Perhaps you have seen Moulin Rouge, or even Pretty Woman.

If you have never attended an opera, make a New Year’s resolution to start 2022 with a new experience!  If you are a devoted opera enthusiast, offer this gift to someone else by taking them to a First Coast Opera production.  

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It’s Time to Celebrate.

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