Patron Testimonials

"I really enjoyed watching Madame Butterfly. It was so beautiful and I was in awe of all the talent I saw on stage both vocally and in storytelling. I was mesmerized by the vocal technique that the lead had. I highly recommend this opera. They have great shows! It is definitely breathtaking to see how the musicality really complements the mood of each scene."

"This company holds a treasure trove of luscious voices. Seize the opportunity to hear for yourself!"

"It was our treat to host FCO at the Club. The singing was superb and – judging from the many positive comments heard during and following the event – very well received. Some of the beautiful arias brought tears to my wife’s eyes and, to be honest, made me a little misty as well. The expertise and artistry of your troupe was truly a joy to experience."
"Congratulations on a fabulous Don Giovanni - Loved the modern stage adaptation."
"We attended and thoroughly enjoyed the Crystal Concert Saturday evening at  Flagler College. Thanks so much for making this possible."

From a review of Cabaret Americana: "Hard to believe: It’s 11 years now since Barbara Norris and Anthony Fast founded First Coast Opera. Over the years, in the Ancient City and throughout the region, FCO has become a source of enormous pride and inspiration, growing inexorably in stature and professionalism. A priceless gem."